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Love Has No Labels

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At Jeff Walters Jewellers, we firmly believe that above all, we are all human.  As humans we all have our own preferences, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, race, along with other diverse traits.  We accept and respect the similarities and differences of those that co-exist with us, in this world.  It is the humanness inside each of us that allows our love of one another to flourish. Under the umbrella of “human”, we are able to embrace diversity.

Love does not distinguish between gender, race, disability, age, religion… Love has no labels.  Love is just Love! At Jeff Walters Jewellers, we acknowledge and respect the love between people that lead them to our doors.  We are proud to welcome people into our store to create and make one of the biggest purchases and commitments of their lives…  And they can do so in a safe, warm, and welcoming environment.

Jeff or Shanon will guide each person through a design experience that reflects their wishes, budget and taste.  It is our hope that each person will feel heard, respected, and honoured in our store.  All that ever matters in our store, is that two human beings, sharing love, are treated with respect, dignity and that their Custom Design Experience at Jeff Walters Jewellers is a truly memorable one.

Book now to begin your custom design journey with Jeff or Shanon.  Create a piece of jewellery, symbolic of and as unique as, your relationship!  To Book Online, click here.